The Brag Board

This is a place where we post up pictures from our customers, employees, and friends. Whether it’s a fierce match on the dueling tree, or a hunt. We like to share these memories with others.

Son of Robert Webb with his pheasants

Zöe with her 160 class Whitetail deer, IA
Pronghorn Antelope, Bozeman, MT

5×5 Elk, Bozeman, MT
Sig Range finder KILO2000, Sig Suppressor (no running after being shot), Steiner optics, Remington 700 – 338 RUM
8 point Whitetail deer, Anita, IA
Father and daughter get Iowa Whitetail 10 & 8 points, Anita, IA
Chris with nice 10 point whitetail deer of Osceola, IA
Josh with late muzzleloader 10 point in Cass County, IA
Emily with late muzzleloader 11 point in Cass County, IA
Emily and Josh with late muzzleloader from Cass County, IA
Awesome Elk at 350 yards for Donnie with the help of Burris Eliminator III scope and Noreen 300 Win Mag Assassin in Montana