The Inventory

Here is our real-time online gun inventory search. Please be aware that this is our Available stock. Some items are in store, some items need to be ordered, which depending on the item can take a few days. Please, before you come into the shop assuming a gun is on the shelf, ready to go, give us a call, or email us to make sure. This is to help prevent people driving long distances only to find out a firearm needs to be ordered, Or is at a different location of ours.

To visit our Gun Inventory , Please Click here : Online Gun Inventory Search

To verify if something is already in the store and ready to go, or if this is something that will need to be ordered, please contact

OR give us a call at : (712) 762-3374  : Phone Hours : 9am-5pm Mon-Sat (Thrs 9am-8pm)