BW Outfitters Turkey Contest

Don’t forget the Turkey contest runs until May 21st!

1st Annual BW Outfitters Turkey Contest


The contest will run from April 8 – May 21, 2017. Registration can be done anytime from April 3rd until May 21st. This will allow everyone enough time have their birds scored. May 22nd at MIDNIGHT all turkey kills must be judged and scored in order to qualify (This gives you one extra day to have your turkey measured!).

May 21, 2017 by 6:00 PM you must be signed in and paid!  When the store closes 5/21/17 the signups will be over and if both entry and/or payment have not been fulfilled, you will not be entered into the contest!


Entry fee is $100 per 3 man team, plus additional $10 if you want in on the side pot; one turkey per person, the best combined turkey kill between the 3 man teams wins. Hunters can upgrade turkey if they harvest a second larger turkey with their own tags; cannot substitute someone else’s tags. If you would like you can bring us the money in person, or mail the entry to us with all the appropriate information as long as it reaches us before the deadline.

This contest will include everyone, men, women, and children.  Youth season will be allowed, only the 2017 hunting season dates will be used for this contest.

Winner payouts are below:

100% Pay Out

 1st Place

50% of all entry fees


2nd Place

30% of All Entry Fees


3rd Place

20% of All Entry Fees


(longest beard attached to turkey)

100% of total side pot entries!


The scoring will be updated as much as possible but not daily throughout the contest, so please bear with us who are running this contest.  If you are a winner, we request you keep your turkey’s spur and beard for a final judging with your 2017 Turkey Tag in case it is needed.


All birds must be measured by one of the judges within 24 hours of the kill in Iowa!

Judges information is below, just call one of them and they will let you know where to meet for scoring when they are harvested.

Any turkey LEGALLY harvested in IOWA counts, as long as it is killed in the time slot allowed.  All Iowa DNR rules and regulations must be followed when harvesting your turkey. No home grown or raised turkeys count, must be the wild ones!



All teams will have their 3 combined turkeys count towards placing 
and it will be the largest combined total scoring of turkey’s beard length, weight, and spurs from your team. 


TOTAL Length of the beard to the 1/16 of an inch which in the single longest beard.

Bearded hens will get the same scoring as Jakes and Toms beards, and if spur buttons are apparent, they will be scored the same.


TOTAL length of each spur will be counted to the 1/16 of an inch.

Beard length + Spur(2) lengths + Weight =  SCORE

***Both spurs must be measured and scored***



Tourney Administrators

BW Outfitters will be running the Wild Turkey Contest this year and will be judging the birds ourselves.
Remember this is a money contest – We will judge if anything looks out of place and will not hesitate to disqualify due to unhonorable methods.  Let’s have a good time with this contest and of course the number one prize you will get, is braggin’ rights!
If you have any questions, or if you have a scoring for us, please call us.

BW Outfitters 712-393-4867

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